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Are you an established game studio or ambitious indie developer looking to grow on the web? We take care of your creation and put it in front of millions of players through our many thousands of affiliate partners. We take care of your brand, your IP and your ROI. Let's get you up and running!


Are you a gaming website owner? Or a media, app, telco or other service provider? We offer a terrific portfolio of top-quality games and industry-ready solutions that will delight your audiences and create a profitable partnership. Let's get you up and running!!


GamePix for Partners is the leading platform for online HTML5 games distribution. Leveraging many years of expertise, our platform is designed to meet developers and publishers' needs, boosting their monetization and chances of online success.


The HTML5 gaming market is rapidly growing. Thanks to HTML5, instant games will allow you to reach out to millions of users and earn money! There is no need to endure the long process of applying to the App Store or Google Play Store to install a game before getting the chance to try it out. With HTML5 games, all you have to do is share your game link and let the gaming begin: players will click and play instantly! If you are into game development, you should consider working with HTML5: developing browser-games will save you a lot of time and you won’t need to adapt your code to iOS, Android or game consoles. Everyone with a browser can use your application; just write your code once, and instantly publish your game online! Join us and be part of GamePix, the leading HTML5 Games Platform. Let’s play everywhere!


The use of HTML5 instant games on your website, service or app, attracts a huge amount of traffic and leads users to spend significantly more time on them than they were before. Don’t worry about the OS your players are using: Android, iOS, Firefox OS, Windows, MacOS, Tizen. HTML5 games work across devices and will run everywhere! Unlike Flash or APK, not only players who surf on a classic desktop or laptop will enjoy the use of HTML5, but also those who use a smartphone, tablet, or game consoles. Be part of GamePix’ exclusive network of partners and the world’s most famous games studios and top brands! Our catalogue includes some of the most downloaded and loved games in the app stores: Cut the Rope, King of Thieves, Galaga, Badland and many others!